1-718-894-9888 [email protected] 65-54 Grand Ave Maspeth, NY 11378


For Starters, we offer the most delicious salads, the Garden Salad, Seaweed Salad or the most exquisite Salmon Skin Salad, and our specialty Sakura Salad and the Seafood Salad.


We are distinguished by our house specialties, soups: among several we have the traditional Miso Soup, the exquisite Salmon Soup and the flavoury Seafood Soup or clams soups. Let your cravings decide!


For snacks, our kitchen appetizers are the choice, such as roasted pea pods, soy fried cheese with special sauce, soft crab in its shell, or our breaded chicken rolls. To delight yourself with some delicious crunchy shrimp served with a sweet mayo sauce, or a spicy tuna bollito.

If the conversation moves on into the bar, we offer our exclusive Sushi Bar Appetizers, start with our scallops, tuna slices or spicy tuna crispy, in a special sauce. Enjoy our best grilled mussels or Yellowtail Jalapeños with a Sake, there is no better companion. Or finish a great conversation with one of our specialties, marinated baby octopus or an exclusive tuna carpaccio.

We offer a great variety of sushi prepared by our chef, with the best of fresh fish. Come and enjoy our exclusive menu that will over blow your expectations, like the: Dragon Phoenix, two big tempura shrimp, covered in sweet sauce, eel, avocado and fish scales. It is a whole ritual!

To assure our success, our best American Dream, deep fried white spicy tuna, jalapeño cheese, avocado, soy beans, and to finish up in a crunchy spicy caviar sauce, from the chef.

Green Roll Jade, yellowtail, tuna, salmon, mango, avocado all wrapped in soy paper, and everything else we leave it up to your imagination.

Remember good food goes with a good Sake, we have an extensive collection of the most exclusives,, among them, the Hana Lychee, it was once, one of the most favorite fruits of the Emperor Li Longi, and his concubine Yang Yuhuan in the Tang Dynasty, it´s aroma makes it a very exotic fruit, intense lychee flavor and low alcohol content makes it an ideal aperitif. It's time to taste it, just like Emperor Li Longy, but right here at Sakura 7 Restaurant.

Our chef offers lunch specials, every day until 3:30pm, except for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Holidays.

We will be happy to serve you at Sakura 7 Japanese Restaurant, a comfortable, relaxing place in Queens area, 65-54 Grand Ave Maspeth, telephone: 1-718-894-9888